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WELCOME to BREST in June 2005


The Oceanic Engineering Society (OES) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering - IEEE - sponsors annually the international conference OCEANS. The Oceans Conference is a major forum for scientists, engineers and end-users throughout the world for presenting the latest research results, ideas, developments and applications in all areas of Oceanic Engineering systems. This conference, on the theme "Today's technology for a sustainable future", provided a review of recent technical advances in oceanic engineering, science and technology. OCEANS'05 Europe comprised both a SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE (oral and poster presentations) and a large State of the Art EXHIBITION in the field of Engineering and Marine Technology. Both took place in the Brest downtown cozy conference center "Le Quartz".

Brest in France was indeed the venue for the European edition of this conference in 2005 (Oceans'05 Europe). This conference already took place in Brest in 1994, with a slightly different setting, and was very successful. Since then Oceans has been offshore (i.e. outside North America) only once in Nice in 1998 and in Kobe, Japan in 2004.

Brest in Brittany, a rich heritage of Breton culture: language, music, dance and a "spirit" open to the world, curious about others and willing to share its wealth and diversity.

Brest in Finistère, the beginning of the world: steep cliffs, long sandy beaches, sharp reefs and the blue of Armor ("land of the Sea"), the hills and green of Argoat ("land of the Woods").

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