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City of Brest

Brest in Finistère, the beginning of the world: steep cliffs, long sandy beaches, sharp reefs and the blue of Armor ("land of the Sea"), the hills and green of Argoat("land of the Woods"). Brest in Brittany, a rich heritage of Breton culture: language, music, dance and a "spirit" open to the world, curious about others and willing to share its wealth and diversity.

Brest's geographical location, combined with the know-how of local companies, research institutes and a strong oceanographic tradition have all made Brest a focal point of excellence regarding the Ocean. Indeed, half of the French Oceanic research is in Brest and Brittany. This situation reinforces, both nationally and internationally, the strong position held by Brest and its region in:

  • Civilian and military research,
  • Industrial activities related to the ocean,
  • Training institutions
  • Fisheries and marine fish farming

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