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The Exhibit took place in the downtown Conference Center, "Le Quartz", where all the conferences were scheduled.


If you are working or doing business related to the sea, OCEANS'05 Europe offered you:

  • a unique opportunity to meet all those internationally involved in science and technologies related to the ocean,
  • a hundred or so booth (6, 9 or 12 square meters) to present your company or your work,
  • a pleasant place where scientists and people from industry can share ideas and projects, negotiate and develop partnerships,
  • an "all inclusive services" package,
    free entrance to all the conferences for exhibitors,
  • a permanent Wifi connection,
  • meeting places at your disposal (free of charge) for appointments with customers and other contacts,
  • catering services available at any time of day,
  • hotel rooms within walking distance of the Quartz, in downtown Brest.

    There are so many reasons for having had you in Brest for OCEANS'05 Europe!

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